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Guide to Buying Your Next Bikini Bottom

Bikini Bottoms Buying Guide

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Bikini bottoms

Which Style Is Right For You?

So many choices, so many options…string back, thong, T-back, Brazil back, American back, full back, scrunch back.  Which bikini bottom is right for you?  Standard bottom or side tie?  Conservative full back coverage or maximum sun tan thong?  Whether it’s a family weekend at the cabin by the lake or an out-of-control Spring break in Fort Lauderdale, you need options.  Safe to say, one bikini will not fit every occasion.  Let’s explore the choices you have in bikini bottoms.



First decision to make is standard bottom or side tie?  A standard bikini bottom is more traditional than a side tie bikini bottom. 

A standard bikini bottom is a good choice for the more tradition or the more paranoid.  After all, we have all heard tales of a sister of a friend of a second cousin that was at the beach when a dog or precocious toddler pulled on the side tie bow of her bikini bottom unceremoniously exposing her tan lines to all.  Hey, your mom did it to your shoe laces when you were five and it worked just fine…double knot the side bows…potential problem averted, end of story. 

black standard bottom bikini, NOT side tie bikini bottompink side tie bikini, side tie bikini bottom



Your second decision is standard back or scrunch back bottom?  A standard bikini bottom is more traditional than a scrunch back bikini bottom. 

The sexy scrunch back bikini bottom features elastic gathering down the middle of the back.  It cups and accentuates your rear cheeks.  This bikini bottom can be a panty style bottom or it can tie on either side.  The scrunch back bikini bottoms is sometimes called a gathered back bikini bottom or a pucker back bottom.   The scrunch back bikini bottom can have a more conservative Full Back coverage, a coverage area of an American Back or the more provocative Brazil Back.  For the more conservative sun bather, the Full Back offers the most coverage.

black standard bikini bottom with side tiesaqua bikini side tie scrunch bikini bottom



 There are six (6) different bikini bottom back configurations in order of skimpiest to most conservative…

  • String Back
  • Thong
  • T-Back 
  • Brazil or Rio Back 
  • American Back 
  • Full Back 



You have options when it comes to string bikinis bottom…with or without side ties.  When the bottom does not have side ties, it is sometings called a G-string.  The term G-string has been around since the late 19th century…the “G” probably referring the the word “groin”, a taboo word in that era.  This style of bikini bottom has a small triangle shaped piece of fabric covering the front and a string that goes between the cheeks and is designed to leave the buttocks exposed.   

 blue string bikiniwhite string bikini


Thong back bikini bottoms are available in standard and side tie.  Viewed form the front, the thong typically looks like a traditional bikini bottom, but in the back of the garment the fabric is reduced to a minimum.  Thongs are designed to leave most of the buttock uncovered.  The back of the garment typically consists of a thin waistband and a thin strip of material, designed to be worn between the buttocks, that connects the middle of the waistband with the bottom front of the garment.  The back attaches to the waistband typically by a small triangular piece of fabric.

pink thong bikini thong bikinis at the beach



T-back bikini bottoms get their name from the “T” formed when the center of the back of the bikini bottom attaches to the waistband.  This bikini bottom can come in string back style or the style where strips of fabric at the rear of the garment are sewn together to form a “T”. 

black string bikini T-back bikini bottomyellow T back bikini bottom



Whether you call it a Brazil back or Rio back bikini bottom, you can find this bottom in both standard back and scrunch back.  This garment made its debut on the beaches of Brazil in the 1950’s.  It gives you more coverage than a thong, but still allows some buttocks exposure…designed to partially cover the cheeks rather than go between the cheeks like a thong or G-string. 

The Brazil back bikini bottom can be found with or without side ties.

 yellow Brazil back bikinired Brazil back bikini



A nice compromise between the provocative Brazil back bikini bottom and the conservative full back bottom is the American back bikini bottom…still sexy, but not so much so that your Aunt Trudy spreads scandalous rumors about you.  Like most of the other bikini bottoms, it is available with or without side ties.  This garment can have string sides or fabric sides connecting the front and back fabric triangles.

purple American back bikini bottombrown American back bikini bottom 



Lots of choices when it comes to the most conservative of the bikini bottoms…the full back bikini bottom.  Standard or side tie, regular back or scrunch back, the full back bikini bottom is definitely safe for a family trip to the beach…maximum coverage for minimum scandal.

aqua full back bikini bottombrown full back bikini bottom 



Tips for Washing Your New Bikini

When washing your bikini, please give it the attention it deserves. Like your lingerie, your bikini should be hand washed in the sink using a mild soap. Please forget about just throwing it into the washer with your jeans. And no dryers either…just hang your bikini up to air dry or place it on a dry towel. Take care of your FantasiaWear bikini and it will give many wonderful sunny memories.


The “LOOK” You Want

Are you going to be the Beach Bunny that all the guys want and all the girls want to be?  Do you just want to look hot on the beach?  Do you want a new look for your next photo shoot?  Or do you want to drive your sweetie wild?  You are the boss of you, you decide what “look” you are wanting to achieve.  The information in this Guide to Buying Bikini Bottoms should get you to the “look” you want.  Remember, you need multiple bikini styles for the many and varied Summer situations you will encounter.

 bikini bottoms, Brazil thong bikini bottoms




What is the situation and environment you will most often be displaying your beautiful tan?   Who is your audience?  What are your personal preferences… Color?…Style?…Fabric?   What are your comfort needs…what’s more important, form or function?  Going super hot with minimal tan lines or going ultra conservative for the church beach bar-b-que…it’s your decision.

You are now supplied with an arsenal of handy bikini consumer information.  It’s now up to you…go forth and SHOP!

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